Refurbished Cane Back Barrel Chair ~ Part 3 of 3

Finally! The 3rd and final part of the refurbished cane back chair saga. In case you missed them, here’s Part 1 and Part 2.

Actually, before I laid one finger on this chair, I Google-d cane back barrel chair in a slew of different worded ways to see if I could find one like mine with broken cane. While there were a ton of cane back chair refurbishing posts, I couldn’t find one exactly like mine and most were in good shape and were updated with paint and/or a new cushion.

Then I found a post by Vintage Revivals on how she updated her broken cane back chair. My biggest hurdle was trying to figure out how I’d fill the groove I was about to create when I removed the cane spline and while I didn’t do exactly what she did, it helped out a great deal. Continue reading “Refurbished Cane Back Barrel Chair ~ Part 3 of 3”

Refurbished Cane Back Chair ~ Part 2 of 3

In case you missed Part 1, I talked about stripping down an old cane back barrel chair I found in someone’s trash. This round I’ll talk about creating the seat cushion.

While I can sew, I’m in no way experienced. I don’t know terminology. I’m horrible with measurements and figuring out the right quantity of fabric is like guessing how many jelly beans are in the jar. I know I could figure it out; I just rarely do. Continue reading “Refurbished Cane Back Chair ~ Part 2 of 3”

Refurbished Cane Back Barrel Chair ~ Part 1 of 3

Finding something of use in someone else’s trash is exciting. It can also be a little intimidating. There have been plenty of times when I’ve driven by something which could be amazing and I don’t stop for whatever reason.

Ahhh but, this is what us DIYers love, isn’t it? We want any and all junk. We see potential even if we aren’t sure how we’re getting there.

What I should have seen however, before swiping this old cane back barrel chair from the trash, is how this would yet again, be something to stump my brain and make me wonder why I think I can do these things. Continue reading “Refurbished Cane Back Barrel Chair ~ Part 1 of 3”

Use A Piece Of Clothing To Recover A Chair

A chair here, a chair there, everywhere a chair chair. I tend to recite this in my head¬† when walking into the garage or basement. It’s reeeeally hard for me to pass on one; they’re so dang easy to redo.

This only cost $.50 down from $10 originally. With the weak state it was in, no wonder no one wanted it. It was wobbly, falling apart at the seams, and the legs were seriously gouged towards the bottom. For some reason, I don’t seem to notice the very obvious flaws. Especially when they only cost pennies. Continue reading “Use A Piece Of Clothing To Recover A Chair”

Updated Mid Century Modern Record Holder

Me: What happens when you update something potentially worth anywhere from $15 to $1000?

Me: I don’t know yet…

I usually look up items on-line before I get to refurbishing something; just in case I actually come across an extremely valuable piece. Thanks a lot Antiques Roadshow.

This time, I picked up a beautiful old Mid Century Modern Record Holder (or is it a magazine rack?) and painted it the very next day. I then got the bright idea of looking it up mainly because I wanted to make sure I priced it right before I sold it. Continue reading “Updated Mid Century Modern Record Holder”

July 4 Inspired Party Station From An Old Sewing Table

Summer is in full swing. Its been in the 90s for at least a couple of weeks and along with sweltering weather comes parties to distract from (or draw more attention to) the fact you’re sweating and I’m not the only one suffering the effects of water damage. This little sewing table was too. Continue reading “July 4 Inspired Party Station From An Old Sewing Table”