Thrift Store Clock Makeover into Creepy Halloween Decor

Isn’t old decor funny sometimes? Someone gave this old, extremely heavy clock to their mother, what? In the seventies? It was decoupaged with a poem on one side and a cheap plastic hour hand for the clock on the other side. The amount of resin or epoxy was complete insanity. I had an idea to add it to my creepy Halloween decorations.

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Creepy Halloween Decorations using Thrift Store “Goblets”

Halloween has changed over the years hasn’t it? Sometimes we offer candy. Sometimes we don’t. It’s all about the mood we’re in. Not having kids has a lot to do with it. Although we dressed up well into our 20s and then for whatever reason, we stopped. However, we definitely rocked our DIY costumes. Continue reading “Creepy Halloween Decorations using Thrift Store “Goblets””

Two Frames Repurposed Two Different Ways

First of all, these 2 little DIY projects seem almost too silly to post about. Silly in the sense they aren’t unique projects and they’re extremely simple. Even though I feel this way, it doesn’t mean someone might not take something from it, right? Continue reading “Two Frames Repurposed Two Different Ways”