Nutcracker Dish Christmas Makeover

I think I take on most projects out of shear curiosity. While sometimes I think I might have a winner on my hands, other times I know I most certainly do not. I’m too curious though which draws me to things like this old nutcracker dish.

It was a lot of work to make basically the same thing without little holes for the nutcracker utensils.

I say this and you may think why is she telling me that she basically didn’t create anything new? The point is, sometimes I just need to DO and not think of the outcome. I just did this with no real expectations which is often hard for me. Are you like this? In the end, this isn’t perfect but, I did it. Continue reading “Nutcracker Dish Christmas Makeover”

Chalkboard Fun & Organization Station from Tube TV Shell

I have a few ideas in my head for these old tube TV shells. Problem is, I’ve only found this one in all the years I’ve been garage sale-ing, thrift store-ing, and garbage drive by-ing. I was stunned when I came across it at an estate sale without the TV. For $3, I couldn’t pass it up. Continue reading “Chalkboard Fun & Organization Station from Tube TV Shell”

DIY Lid for a Vase or Planter

I found this small, pink, ribbed planter at a thrift store for 50¢ down from $8.00. It was before Halloween and I was walking around sizing everything up and planning their futures as pumpkins. It didn’t matter what it was; that was my thought process. Which really does help when you’re looking for inspiration.

Sometimes I walk in to a store and wait for a project to jump out at me. Other times, I go in with a mission, look at each item in a specific way fully expecting it to transform in front of my eyes. This time, everything I looked at was morphing into a pumpkin. Including this little planter.

Turns out it’s a Haeger planter which to me, really doesn’t mean anything. Especially value wise. I guess it does explain why the store had it at $8.00. Regardless, this idea doesn’t effect the vase at all. It only adds to it. Continue reading “DIY Lid for a Vase or Planter”