Funtastic Friday 97

Hi everyone and welcome back to Funtastic Friday #97! I could have easily picked a crazy amount of faves for this week’s party but, unfortunately, I had to stop at 3 🙁 Please don’t forget, we’re also looking for up to 3 more bloggers to help co-host Funtastic Friday. Get in touch with me or one of the other hosts if you’re interested in joining us!

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Broken Lantern Spook House

With Halloween just around the dark corner, here’s a super easy decor idea using an old lantern. I was given this rundown lantern by my dad because remember, he knows I’ll use stuff.

It’s in really bad shape. Rusty. Broken. Bent. Dirty. Anyone in their right mind would probably toss it. Continue reading “Broken Lantern Spook House”

4 Sided Embroidery Hoop & Scrapbook Paper Mobile

I’m really excited about how my embroidery hoop mobile turned out! When I first had the idea, I thought pumpkin. Somewhere along the way, I ditched that idea and I’m glad I did. Although a pumpkin would be great and timely, I think it looks so nice in our mud room as is.  At least I used an orange theme 😉 Continue reading “4 Sided Embroidery Hoop & Scrapbook Paper Mobile”

DIY Wooden Pedestal

I can’t get enough of utilizing every single piece of one object to create another. I don’t care how small or insignificant an object appears to be. We purchased this old table lamp at a sale for $3. It worked just fine but, the look is not what I found to be appealing. Even if I updated it with some paint, I just couldn’t see it. Continue reading “DIY Wooden Pedestal”

Simple & Easy Re-purposed “Pumpkin” From A Lamp Base

Being obsessed with making lamps like this one and this one, we have an array of parts to choose from. Sometimes those parts and pieces become lamps, other times they don’t. Continue reading “Simple & Easy Re-purposed “Pumpkin” From A Lamp Base”

How I Refurbished An Old Wooden Cart

Do you know people who give you their old junk because they know you’ll refurbish and DIY the heck out of it? Just like when I received the changing table from my sister-in-law. Well, my friend’s mom sent me this picture of an old, boring wooden cart and asked if I wanted it. To which I replied, “Sure!” Continue reading “How I Refurbished An Old Wooden Cart”