DIY Mid Century Modern Themed Plant Stand (Free Atomic Patterns)

This MCM modern plant stand project started out as an experiment. I wanted to test ‘gluing’ a laser printed pattern onto wood with Polycrylic instead of the more common Mod Podge method. At the start, I had other ideas for the final piece but it quickly turned into a completed mid-century styled plant stand with the clever idea of adding some hard plastic hangers cut to length for legs. Continue reading “DIY Mid Century Modern Themed Plant Stand (Free Atomic Patterns)”

DIY Basket From A Foot Stool

This project is the easiest project ever! Such an easy project, you don’t need a tutorial. However, there are little bits of info outside of a how-to I hope you find helpful. What I love about this besides being simple is it achieves an entirely different look and function. All I did was take this old foot stool made by my grandpa, flipped it upside down and wrapped it with some rope. Now it functions as a sturdy basket to hold any variety of little home decor items, papers, books, etc. Continue reading “DIY Basket From A Foot Stool”

Black and White Printed Map Antiqued with Coffee and Tea Stain

Angie and I like to come up with easy yet creative handmade DIY gifts for holidays and birthdays. No matter if it’s for the kids or adults, you’re most likely getting a handmade present from us. Recently I needed a gift for my Dad who has a fondness for visiting Hawaii (who wouldn’t) so I set out to make an antique style map of the islands.

Continue reading “Black and White Printed Map Antiqued with Coffee and Tea Stain”