Simple & Easy Re-purposed “Pumpkin” From A Lamp Base

Being obsessed with making lamps like this one and this one, we have an array of parts to choose from. Sometimes those parts and pieces become lamps, other times they don’t. Continue reading “Simple & Easy Re-purposed “Pumpkin” From A Lamp Base”

How I Refurbished An Old Wooden Cart

Do you know people who give you their old junk because they know you’ll refurbish and DIY the heck out of it? Just like when I received the changing table from my sister-in-law. Well, my friend’s mom sent me this picture of an old, boring wooden cart and asked if I wanted it. To which I replied, “Sure!” Continue reading “How I Refurbished An Old Wooden Cart”

Refurbished Bistro Chairs

A couple of years ago (seriously) I picked up 2 pretty dull bistro chairs. Only one had the original cushions which weren’t even attached and were torn.

A little ways into sanding them down I realized it would take forever and if they weren’t rusty with peeling paint, I wouldn’t have worried too much about it. I’ve learned if I don’t prep enough i.e. remove any & all chipping, no amount of paint is going to “cover” it up.

I called up my dad and he said he’d just sandblast them like he did on this lamp. I’m telling you, I need him to teach me how to do this. Continue reading “Refurbished Bistro Chairs”

Re-purposed Stand Up Ashtray Base To Lamp

Do you know what’s really nice about those old stand up ashtray bases? Most of them are perfect specimens for re-purposing into quirky, beautiful, and unique table lamps. I’ve seen old ones of all shapes, sizes, and materials, especially at auctions and I wonder if people have similar ideas because they always tend to sell for much higher than I would ever pay for one. Either that or they smoke.

This one, I’d received from my dad because he knows we’ll use just about anything to make something else. It’s just the base and this is probably what it looked like before. We’re pretty sure it’s cast aluminum and it has a decent weight to it. It didn’t have the top part and he’d already sandblasted it.

Sandblasting is just what it sounds like…he blasted it with sand. For this in particular, it was to clean up the surface using sand and an air compressor. Needless to say, it’s the best thing you could ever wish for. It removes every.single.thing. I need to learn how to do this. Although it’s funny, especially since the original was indeed black because we ended up painting it black again. Continue reading “Re-purposed Stand Up Ashtray Base To Lamp”

Refurbished Cane Back Barrel Chair ~ Part 3 of 3

Finally! The 3rd and final part of the refurbished cane back chair saga. In case you missed them, here’s Part 1 and Part 2.

Actually, before I laid one finger on this chair, I Google-d cane back barrel chair in a slew of different worded ways to see if I could find one like mine with broken cane. While there were a ton of cane back chair refurbishing posts, I couldn’t find one exactly like mine and most were in good shape and were updated with paint and/or a new cushion.

Then I found a post by Vintage Revivals on how she updated her broken cane back chair. My biggest hurdle was trying to figure out how I’d fill the groove I was about to create when I removed the cane spline and while I didn’t do exactly what she did, it helped out a great deal. Continue reading “Refurbished Cane Back Barrel Chair ~ Part 3 of 3”

Refurbished Cane Back Chair ~ Part 2 of 3

In case you missed Part 1, I talked about stripping down an old cane back barrel chair I found in someone’s trash. This round I’ll talk about creating the seat cushion.

While I can sew, I’m in no way experienced. I don’t know terminology. I’m horrible with measurements and figuring out the right quantity of fabric is like guessing how many jelly beans are in the jar. I know I could figure it out; I just rarely do. Continue reading “Refurbished Cane Back Chair ~ Part 2 of 3”