Skills? Where we’re going, we don’t need skills.

It might just break my mother’s heart when she reads this…I don’t have any real skills.

All I have is a ferocious way of getting things done. My husband jokingly calls me a cave woman every once in awhile. I talk, eat, mow the lawn, and wield a hammer with passion and often hurt myself whether it’s my thumb or my ego.

Speaking of husband, he’s got the blogging bug too and will, from time to time, write some posts. We’re very different. He’s a nerd. I’m not. He’s brain. I’m brawn. He’s funny. I’m funnier.

Who says you need to know how to do something before diving in? OK, most people would say this and for the sake of this blog, don’t do what I do. Here’s the wordy stuff a.k.a. policies. I really do however, have the idea all things are possible. As in, I will fit this circle into this triangular shaped opening.

I can’t draw, I can’t sing, I can’t paint a landscape or a beautiful portrait; at least not well and certainly not in a way which conveys my feelings or thoughts on life. I always found it hard to express myself artistically in those ways so when I refinish something or put together a mish mosh of materials to create an entirely different beast, I feel as though I’m saying something. Even if no one hears it.

This is for those who feel they can’t do something. Who are letting themselves down by not even trying. I’ve been there but, I always get up and destroy something. Oh, and by the way, destroy can be rearranged to say “does try”.

Let’s does try something!








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  1. sharon wagner says:

    I love the sewing table make over. I see these tables all the time and wish I had a better use for them, Now I do.

  2. Seriously love this about me! I can really relate! I just started my blog and look forward to reading more of yours! Cheers

    1. Thanks Danielle! I’m so happy we’ve crossed paths and I look forward to seeing what you have in store as well!

  3. I read your [About Me]…..your skill is your positive thinking of all things are possible!
    It is admirable.

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