Finally Getting The Garden Ready

I’ll start off by saying I’m tired. Sweet Joe’s cooking up some food and I’m upstairs writing this post. This is real life as it’s Sunday, May 14 at 7:05 p.m. I’m happy and tired by the way. Not a glum tired. We worked in the yard ALL day and while I’d love to finish my secretary (it’s done!) and numerous other projects, I really need to get my butt in gear with the garden.

It isn’t anything special but, I’m proud of what we accomplished today and I hope you’re out there accomplishing what you need to get done. Not enough time in the day, right? Continue reading “Finally Getting The Garden Ready”

Fixing My Changing Table To Potting Bench Makeover – 8 Months Later

If you saw my DIY endeavor in making a potting bench out of an old changing table, I’m sorry. I’ve learned a lot since taking on what I thought was an awesome DIY project. Which it is! It was one of my first posts written and I’d seen them on Pinterest so when I was given a changing table, I jumped at the chance to make it a potting bench.

Now that my refurbish of a repurpose is done, I only wish I’d thought to just go this route the 1st time! If my admitting to my mistake helps you approach a project with a little more insight, I’m a happy gal. Continue reading “Fixing My Changing Table To Potting Bench Makeover – 8 Months Later”

Turn an Old Sewing Machine Table into a Bar

Summer is in full swing. Its been in the 90s for at least a couple of weeks and along with sweltering weather comes parties to distract from (or draw more attention to) the fact you’re sweating and I’m not the only one suffering the effects of water damage. This old thrift store sewing table was too. Follow along and see how I convert this antique sewing machine table into a DIY party food and beverage station. Continue reading “Turn an Old Sewing Machine Table into a Bar”

Turn An Old Changing Table Into A Potting Bench

I received an old changing table from my sister-in-law because she knew I’d do something with it and lemme tell you, it’s flattering when someone knows you’ll do something with whatever they give you. I’d seen old changing tables turned into potting benches so I thought, why not. Continue reading “Turn An Old Changing Table Into A Potting Bench”