Custom DIY 3 Tiered MCM Themed End Table (Free Engineering Sized Printable)

Sometimes it’s tricky finding the right piece of furniture to fit in a certain space and our smallish house is no exception. We don’t have a coffee table due to size constraints so there isn’t a good, close spot to put the TV remote or set a cold one while relaxing on the couch. Angie had talked about wanting a side table so I decided to make my own end table that fits in a very tight area. Here’s how I did it to give you ideas on making your own. Continue reading “Custom DIY 3 Tiered MCM Themed End Table (Free Engineering Sized Printable)”

DIY Mid Century Modern Themed Plant Stand (Free Atomic Patterns)

This MCM modern plant stand project started out as an experiment. I wanted to test ‘gluing’ a laser printed pattern onto wood with Polycrylic instead of the more common Mod Podge method. At the start, I had other ideas for the final piece but it quickly turned into a completed mid-century styled plant stand with the clever idea of adding some hard plastic hangers cut to length for legs. Continue reading “DIY Mid Century Modern Themed Plant Stand (Free Atomic Patterns)”

Free Printable ~ Thank Your Lucky Stars

Positivity is a hard thing to have some days, isn’t it? I definitely struggle with it and I’m guessing you do to, at least sometimes. I try to think positively on a daily basis and I’ve even incorporated a “thankful” routine in where I write down 3 things I’m thankful for each day.

Sometimes all I’m thankful for is that I didn’t get mad…at anyone or anything or I finished my coffee before it got cold. That’s really stretching it but, some days that’s all I got.

With the holidays here and soon to be gone, I’ve got lots of things on my mind. This is my very first printable and I’ll be the first to admit, I know I’ve got a ways to go in creativity. I guess I’ll never get better if I don’t keep trying though, right? Continue reading “Free Printable ~ Thank Your Lucky Stars”