How to Fix a Broken Drawer Side with Dovetails Using a Bandsaw

My brother in law texted me one day and asked if I wouldn’t mind taking a look at a broken dresser drawer from his son’s dresser wondering if I’d be able to repair it. Seeing the picture he sent me, I’d asked if it was just coming apart. He said, yep, the drawer side is coming apart and there isn’t much teeth left and that he’d tried fixing it to no avail. All I said was, I’d be willing to try. Continue reading “How to Fix a Broken Drawer Side with Dovetails Using a Bandsaw”

White Vanity Chair Makeover

I’m having a little obsession right now with mixing wood and metal items so this vanity seat will be perfect because the chair is metal and I’ll add a new wooden seat. The vanity chair was a garage sale find from a couple years ago and I think I spent $2.00 on it. The lady made sure to tell me she’d already refurbished it once and it was from when she was a child. Continue reading “White Vanity Chair Makeover”

Vintage Cosco Step Stool gets a Modern Farmhouse Styled Makeover

I found this old vintage Cosco stool at an estate sale and gave them a whopping 3 bucks for it. I actually tried to sell it at one point but, I guess no one was in the market for a beat up, horribly painted, dull stool. Lucky for me I kept it because I cannot be happier with this step stool makeover! Continue reading “Vintage Cosco Step Stool gets a Modern Farmhouse Styled Makeover”

Nautical Colored Chair Makeover with Added Storage

If you’re looking for a great chair project, have I got one for you. Heck, I’ve got this chair idea, this simple chair makeover, and this chair project (I’m still not happy with it) but, will tackle again one day. I’ve only been getting better especially at reupholstering. Just like most of my diy projects, I have no idea what the plan is until I’m in the thick of it. Can you relate? Continue reading “Nautical Colored Chair Makeover with Added Storage”