Vintage Styled Spring Basket Vignette

I’m not really a collector of anything other than projects I never seem to get around to completing. I’m sure you understand. However, if I was a collector, it would most likely be of miniature cuteness of all kinds. No discrimination here. If it’s small, I’ll most likely love it. Just not enough to keep it. While I can’t say I collect birds, I have a whopping 6 bird figurines hanging out in my “chandelier” so to me, I have a collection. Continue reading “Vintage Styled Spring Basket Vignette”

Painted Wooden Framed Mirror

I’ve got a lot of mirrors in our small home and I do believe it gives the feeling of being a bit more open and spacious. This mirror I got from my mom because my parents seem to always be decluttering therefore making my home more cluttered.

Have I mentioned I’m an organized and minimalistic person at heart? You wouldn’t know it from the look of my basement, garage, and sometimes my dining room table but, it’s a bear to deal with when I need to be creative so I don’t lose my mind but, need an organized, clean, uncluttered space so I don’t lose my mind. What a balancing act. Continue reading “Painted Wooden Framed Mirror”

DIY Furniture Dolly

I don’t know what took me so long to make this furniture dolly. Instead of boo hooing about how I don’t have what I need to make my furniture painting just a little bit easier, Joe and I worked together to create a simple dolly and now I can’t complain. Well, I guess I can but, that’s annoying. All I needed this whole time was 4 pieces of wood, some screws, bolts, a saw, and casters. Geez, coming from someone who likes to make, repurpose, and refurbish, I feel kind of pathetic that it took me so long to do what needed to be done. Continue reading “DIY Furniture Dolly”