Creepy Halloween Decorations using Thrift Store “Goblets”

Halloween has changed over the years hasn’t it? Sometimes we offer candy. Sometimes we don’t. It’s all about the mood we’re in. Not having kids has a lot to do with it. Although we dressed up well into our 20s and then for whatever reason, we stopped. However, we definitely rocked our DIY costumes. Continue reading “Creepy Halloween Decorations using Thrift Store “Goblets””

How to Make A Simple 3 Ring Wooden Binder

Don’t you just sometimes want something to look good even if it doesn’t function any better or differently than what you already use? I have a perfectly fine yet perfectly boring and clunky typical store bought plastic 1 inch binder. What drives me crazy is the fact that I can’t bend the front cover all the way back. So, it lays on my tiny little desk top surface all sprawled out basically double the size of an 8 1/2″ x 11″ piece of paper. I have this idea that maybe, just maybe, if I make something that’s little more “me” that’ll it’ll force me to get stuff done. Is that a silly way of thinking or what? Continue reading “How to Make A Simple 3 Ring Wooden Binder”

Adding a Piece of Wood to a Metal Hanging Wall Organizer

I think my new obsession is mixing metal with wood. I’m not sure if it’s really new, but, I’m just now realizing it’s what I like. This hanging mail organizer is made of metal so what better way to make it over, outside of just using spray paint, then to add a piece of wood to it? Continue reading “Adding a Piece of Wood to a Metal Hanging Wall Organizer”