DIY Shelving Unit using 2x4s and Pallet Wood

Making shelves is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time now and I need to make more. I think some basement shelving would be awesome in our short 5’ 5” tall basement. Having a small home is wonderful. It forces us to question everything we bring in to the house. However, we still have too much stuff. We have a back “mudroom” that is pretty much overflow of the kitchen. However, there are plenty of other things we can add to this shelving unit. It just keeps adding up.

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How to Make a Furniture Dolly

I don’t know what took me so long to make this furniture dolly. Instead of boo hooing about how I don’t have what I need to make my furniture painting just a little bit easier, Joe and I worked together to create a simple dolly and now I can’t complain. Well, I guess I can but, that’s annoying. All I needed this whole time was 4 pieces of wood, some screws, bolts, a saw, and casters. Geez, coming from someone who likes to make, repurpose, and refurbish, I feel kind of pathetic that it took me so long to do what needed to be done. Continue reading “How to Make a Furniture Dolly”

Glass Refrigerator Shelf to Dry Erase Board

I was at my dad’s shop helping out following him around when I see this old refrigerator shelf. So many things went through my head.

  • Why does he have an old refrigerator shelf?
  • Where’s the refrigerator?
  • Does he have a plan for it?
  • Are there at least 31 lines going across?
  • It has more than 31 lines?
  • No more than 31 days in a month.
  • A monthly organizer.
  • Yes, I’m going to make a dry erase board organizer.

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