Rummage Sale Finds & A Quick Project

Like most DIYers I love a good deal. In other words, I’m extremely cheap. I never know if I’m going to keep a refurbished piece of furniture or a repurposed thrift store find so when it comes to spending money, I want to make sure I’m not going to lose any if I decide to sell. So, when we walk into a church rummage sale as they’re saying, “fill a bag for $5,” my eyes widen, my stance is strong, and I’ve never moved so fast.

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Junk_Found_Rummage_Sale_Finds_and_A_Quick_Refurbished_Vintage_Owl_Wall_Hanging_Project -

Their was one church lady apparently looking a little sullen and I’m not sure if it was due to the ravenous behavior of the shoppers, the fact that all of this stuff once loved is going for nothing, or if she ate way too many of the baked goods they were selling. Either way, the rummage sale had been going on for 2 days with a couple hours to spare and all of the stuff was still there.

I can tell you why the stuff was still there too. They were asking crazy amounts ofย  money, again, coming from me, the very cheap and frugal shopper I am. Can I also add they have a sign that states “for Hummer parking only” in the church parking lot? Take that however you will. All I’m saying is their idea of a good deal will obviously differ from mine.

I’ll show you just what we got. I’ll tell you right now if we’d paid full price, we would have spent $83 and if my calculations are correct it means I spent $.25 on each piece. Plus, there were a few items that weren’t even marked with a price so we would have spent more. What’s really crazy to me is that nothing we got was in great shape and some of it is what I would consider the poster children for junk. I was shocked as to how much we stuffed into this bag.

Rummage Sale Finds & A Quick Project -

11″ diameter Lazy Susan – $4.00 – Just dirty and needs a cleaning. I plan on being crafty with it

Lazy_Susan_Rummage_Sale_Finds_and_A_Quick_Refurbished_Vintage_Owl_Wall_Hanging_Project -

Giant Rosary – $20.00 – I’ll be selling this

Giant_Rosary_Rummage_Sale_Finds_and_A_Quick_Refurbished_Vintage_Owl_Wall_Hanging_Project -

3 metal wall hanging decor pieces – $20.00 – The piece on the left is just a small shelf. Not sure what the 2 on the right are. They’re hollow and looks like maybe someone had fake flowers displayed.

Metal_Wall_Hangings_Rummage_Sale_Finds_and_A_Quick_Refurbished_Vintage_Owl_Wall_Hanging_Project -

2 wooden bowls – no price tags – craft purposes

Wooden_Bowls_Rummage_Sale_Finds_and_A_Quick_Refurbished_Vintage_Owl_Wall_Hanging_Project -

Had to show you I threw a tank top in there and wove it in between things to protect them – no price

Tank_Shirt_Rummage_Sale_Finds_and_A_Quick_Refurbished_Vintage_Owl_Wall_Hanging_Project -

Immersion blender since I don’t have one! $5.00

Immersion_Blender_Rummage_Sale_Finds_and_A_Quick_Refurbished_Vintage_Owl_Wall_Hanging_Project -

Clipboard – $3.00 – Isn’t this the saddest clipboard? Why on earth would they charge $3 for a piece of crap? Ahh, but why did I buy it you ask? Well, I don’t really know to tell you the truth. I’ve wanted a clipboard in my office for a long time now and I know I could just purchase a pretty one but, I think I’m physically opposed to buying new. Maybe…

Clipboard_Rummage_Sale_Finds_and_A_Quick_Refurbished_Vintage_Owl_Wall_Hanging_Project -

Brass & Wooden Lamp – no price – A simple project we’ll probably paint, get a shade for and sell on Etsy.

Brass_Wood_Lamp_Rummage_Sale_Finds_and_A_Quick_Refurbished_Vintage_Owl_Wall_Hanging_Project -

Domed glass – $4.00 – I think this is a paperweight? I’ll be cutting out the atomic design from our plant stands and side table to display on my desk.

Domed_Glass_Rummage_Sale_Finds_and_A_Quick_Refurbished_Vintage_Owl_Wall_Hanging_Project -

Vintage lamp – $15.00 – This was the most exciting find! It’s missing liiiike everything it originally came with. It’s a Falkenstein lamp that had a glass marble like wrap around covering the entire thing. It’s also missing the finial. Regardless, the shell we have to work with in making a lamp is exciting. What’s strange is, this is a similar cage like look we were going for when making the ceiling fixture into a lamp. It also kinda matches this refurbished lamp.Wooden_Bowls_Rummage_Sale_Finds_and_A_Quick_Refurbished_Vintage_Owl_Wall_Hanging_Project -

4 vintage plastic owl wall hangings – $12 for 4 – You already know I painted these adorable things. My hope is to hang them above the secretary I’m refinishing which is taking me so long and for no good reason other than not being organized. It’s at least primed at this point. (UPDATE: It’s done!)

Rummage_Sale_Finds_and_A_Quick_Refurbished_Vintage_Owl_Wall_Hanging_Project -

There is no tutorial for the painting of the owls since all I did was clean them with soap & water and spray paint them ๐Ÿ˜‰ I do have to say though, the purple and yellow were painted with Plutonium spray paint.ย  I love this spray paint and, as of right now, it only comes in a matte finish so I had to spray them with a clear glossy coat to get the shine.

Plutonium_Spray_Paint_Rummage_Sale_Finds_and_A_Quick_Refurbished_Vintage_Owl_Wall_Hanging_Project -

I was questioning whether I should paint the eyes a different color or leave them as one solid color. What would you suggest?

Rummage_Sale_Finds_and_A_Quick_Refurbished_Vintage_Owl_Wall_Hanging_Project -

Rummage_Sale_Finds_and_A_Quick_Refurbished_Vintage_Owl_Wall_Hanging_Project -

Rummage_Sale_Finds_and_A_Quick_Refurbished_Vintage_Owl_Wall_Hanging_Project -

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Easy spray painted vintage owl wall hangings

8 thoughts on “Rummage Sale Finds & A Quick Project

  1. What a bargain Angie, that Falkenstein lamp is gorgeous BTW. It’s going to look amazing once you guys have finished with it. Is the giant rosary still available? I’d be very keen to take that one off your hands ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. That lamp is our favorite, Michelle. Can’t wait to dig into it! If you really are interested in the rosary, shoot me a message ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. I love the colour combination of the owls Angie, they look really cool and I’d leave them just like that. So much fun! And I can’t believe you got all of those goodies, wow! The prices do seem a little high, so how great that you could get it all into that bag ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Thanks, Katrin! Yeah, I’ve never seen prices so high at a rummage sale it was so strange. Love all the deals I got ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. GirlfromWVa says:

    Love all ur finds. If u paint eyes, I would hand paint a shade just a tad darker than rest of owl. Look good as u did them.

    1. That’s a great idea. I kept thinking of black, as they were and couldn’t get it out of my head that it would look too strange ๐Ÿ˜‰ Like your idea much better!

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