Thrifted Moroccan Styled Candle Holder Into Simple Lamp

While on our usual trip to the local thrift stores, Angie spotted this brass candle holder. Immediately, she thought “This would make a great lamp.” Sure enough, it does make a great lamp and it was a quick one too!

The candle holder is made of brass and after some searching online it seems to be from Morocco or possibly somewhere else in the Mediterranean region (Turkish?). It’s a very simple design with just two parts, the base which holds the candle and a removable top. The design isn’t extremely ornate and has just the right amount of flare. Lucky for us, the base of the candle holder already had a hole that was the perfect size for a standard lamp pipe making this a simple makeover.

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Materials Used (you may need different supplies)

Tools Used

  • Pliers
  • Screwdriver
  • Clean rags

The first step was to cleanup the tarnished brass. It was quite dirty with some wax stuck on the inside base and soot from the candle smoke. I gave it a cleaning with some hot water, dish soap and toothbrush to remove that. Then we moved on to polishing it.

Tarnished Brass Candle HolderTarnished Brass Candle Holder

We used Brasso to polish it. Brasso works great on brass (hence the name 🙂 ). Brasso was applied in generous amounts all over the outside and rubbed with a cloth to give it a nice shine. Cotton swabs were used to get in the tight spots and edges. This was a team effort using all the elbow grease we could muster.Brasso for removing tarnish

Here you can see what the base looked like before and after the Brasso:Tarnished Base Before and AfterTo keep the brass shiny for a long time, we used Carnauba Turtle Wax on the candle holder. This wax gives it a protective layer and slows down any future tarnish. The wax was applied in a thin layer over the outside and allowed to mostly dry. Carnauba Wax

Carnauba Wax Application on Brass Carnauba Wax DryingThen we used a clean rag to gently polish the wax. Some wax got stuck in the holes and we used our air compressor to blow it out, finishing up with some cotton swabs. And here it is polished and ready:Candle Holder Finished PolishingNow that the candle holder is polished, it’s ready for the electrics.

New Cording for the new lamp

We first took the socket apart. The center ring of the socket body unscrews and the top brass cover comes off. Then the porcelain socket unscrews and comes out. The bottom brass cover is threaded and screws onto the hex nipple through the hole in the bottom of the candle holder base. We also used a dab of thread lock on the hex nipple to keep it together.Thread Lock on Hex Nipple

Attaching Socket to Base

Next, we fed the cord through the bottom hole of the candle holder and through the threaded hole of the socket. The cord comes pre-stripped so we just needed to make a ‘U’ shape with the exposed copper wire to wrap around the screws on the socket. We attached the ribbed wire of the cord to the gold screw on the socket (neutral) and the smooth wire of the cord to the silver screw (hot).Feeding the cord through the base Attaching wires to the socket Socket readyWe pulled the excess cord back through the bottom of the candle holder base and screwed the socket back onto the socket base. The cardboard insulator was put over the porcelain socket and finally the brass socket cover re-attached.Re-attaching the socket

Re-attaching the socket insulator Re-attaching the socket coverWe installed an Edison Style Filament LED bulb just like in our Ceiling Fixture to Table Lamp conversion. The candle holder cover has two tabs on the bottom rim, opposite each other. The base has a notch cut out for a tab to fit through. To put the cover on, you tip the cover slightly and put one tab inside the rim of the base opposite the notch, then tip the cover vertical so that the tab slides down into the notch. Then, you turn the cover while the base is stationary and this keeps it from falling off. Candle Holder BulbCandle Holder Cover Candle Holder Notch

Candle Holder Base and CoverI love the light pattern displayed on the wall through the holes, don’t you? We’ve got it listed on Etsy!

Finished Candle Holder LampCandle Holder Lamp Starburst

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You'll never look at a candle holder the same way again! See how they transformed this Moroccan styled candle holder into a very simple lamp!

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    Such a great idea. I love how well it cleaned up.
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  2. Oh yes, I’ve been waiting for this makeover Angie. I love, love, love what it looks like and how the light patterns reflect off the walls. It Moroccan magic

    1. Thanks, Michelle! I really do love it and the quick turnaround time too 😉

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