Adding a Piece of Wood to a Metal Hanging Wall Organizer

I think my new obsession is mixing metal with wood. I’m not sure if it’s really new, but, I’m just now realizing it’s what I like. This hanging mail organizer is made of metal so what better way to make it over, outside of just using spray paint, then to add a piece of wood to it? Continue reading “Adding a Piece of Wood to a Metal Hanging Wall Organizer”

Small Wooden Box Makeover with a Retro Design

This small 2 drawer wooden box has been in my garage for too long. I brought it out one day and did indeed knock it out. Sure, it took me a few days because I have other responsibilities to attend to but, I made sure I always went right back to it because I wanted it done. Nothing is worse than having a half completed project waiting for you to return to it. At least for me. Unfortunately I have plenty of half finished projects to attend to. Continue reading “Small Wooden Box Makeover with a Retro Design”

5 DIYs To Add A Little Boho Style To Your Home

I’m pretty sure I’ve said before I don’t really feel like I have a home decor style. My house, while it does seem to have a look, I just don’t know what the look is. Oh well, I like what I like and that’s really all that matters right? The boho style is one I find interesting and would love to somehow incorporate into our home decor and I’m thinking walls. Adding some boho chic style to the walls would be a great first step. If you like the bohemian look too, here’s 5 DIYs and ideas to help add a little bit of it to your home. Continue reading “5 DIYs To Add A Little Boho Style To Your Home”

Repurposed Step Stool to Plant Stand

I’ve had this little wooden step stool for a long time. It’s been sitting in my garage next to 3 chairs I need to tackle too. There’s nothing special about it other than it has a little storage compartment up at the top. Well, ya see, I don’t have any children and this step stool won’t get me any closer to reaching that thing in the upper cabinet of the kitchen. So, what to do? Continue reading “Repurposed Step Stool to Plant Stand”