How to Make a Table Lamp from a Ceiling Fixture – Part 2

Hey everyone, Joe here and my last post, How to Make a Table Lamp from a Ceiling Fixture – Part 1, focused on preparing the base and refurbishing the bulb sockets. Now I continue on with the lamp assembly and finishing touches. Continue reading “How to Make a Table Lamp from a Ceiling Fixture – Part 2”

DIY Lid for a Vase or Planter

I found this small, pink, ribbed planter at a thrift store for 50¢ down from $8.00. It was before Halloween and I was walking around sizing everything up and planning their futures as pumpkins. It didn’t matter what it was; that was my thought process. Which really does help when you’re looking for inspiration.

Sometimes I walk in to a store and wait for a project to jump out at me. Other times, I go in with a mission, look at each item in a specific way fully expecting it to transform in front of my eyes. This time, everything I looked at was morphing into a pumpkin. Including this little planter.

Turns out it’s a Haeger planter which to me, really doesn’t mean anything. Especially value wise. I guess it does explain why the store had it at $8.00. Regardless, this idea doesn’t effect the vase at all. It only adds to it. Continue reading “DIY Lid for a Vase or Planter”

Glass Refrigerator Shelf to Dry Erase Board

I was at my dad’s shop helping out following him around when I see this old refrigerator shelf. So many things went through my head.

  • Why does he have an old refrigerator shelf?
  • Where’s the refrigerator?
  • Does he have a plan for it?
  • Are there at least 31 lines going across?
  • It has more than 31 lines?
  • No more than 31 days in a month.
  • A monthly organizer.
  • Yes, I’m going to make a dry erase board organizer.

The things that float through my head at warp speeds. Continue reading “Glass Refrigerator Shelf to Dry Erase Board”