Painted Wooden Framed Mirror

I’ve got a lot of mirrors in our small home and I do believe it gives the feeling of being a bit more open and spacious. This mirror I got from my mom because my parents seem to always be decluttering therefore making my home more cluttered.

Have I mentioned I’m an organized and minimalistic person at heart? You wouldn’t know it from the look of my basement, garage, and sometimes my dining room table but, it’s a bear to deal with when I need to be creative so I don’t lose my mind but, need an organized, clean, uncluttered space so I don’t lose my mind. What a balancing act.

If you saw my favorite at a couple of Funtastic Friday’s ago, it was 2 egg shaped frames painted in beautiful bright colors. It got me thinking about this oval shaped mirror. My original plan for it did not turn out as I’d hoped and I ended up giving it a simple spring like makeover with some pastels.

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This is what it looked like when I got it.

Then after months and months in the garage, it gathered a bit of dust.

I cleaned it up and filled some tiny divots. I then started it off. I didn’t remove the backing since it was generously glued and I could foresee broken pieces in my future and if you’ve ever painted a mirror without removing the back, you know the unpainted wood will reflect back onto the mirror if that makes sense.

I pushed he tape under the frame with a putty knife.

Tucking_in_the_tape_under_the_frame_Easy_DIY_Painted_Wooden_Framed_Mirror_ambientwares.comI then taped off the rest of the mirror and .

I really wanted to enhance it’s “egg”ness by drawing an oval shape around the mirror about an inch away and filling it with designs you decorate easter eggs with. The mistake I made was doing it at all freehand. Honestly, I went into it with no real plan. It was a mess. I used a sharpie and my line was wobbly and ridiculous.

OKaaaay, I’ll just hand paint with some acrylics within and over the line. That was a mistake too because I already proved I don’t have a steady hand so why would this be any different? It wasn’t.

Oval_shaped_line_Easy_DIY_Painted_Wooden_Framed_Mirror_ambientwares.comI didn’t get a picture of how I’d painted it but, I’ve got one even better for ya. What it looks like when you soak a cotton ball in acetone and rub off the paint. It was seriously some bad judgment but, I didn’t want to waste an entire can of spray paint trying to cover it.

Recently, we found a new thrift store in a town that isn’t far away at all but, we never make the trek. However, I had no idea there was a junker’s heaven type store there so now I’m happy to know it will not be a wasted trip from here on out. I picked up a couple of tester paints when we were there. One is a mustard-y yellow and the other a blue so pale it almost looks white.

I taped across the mirror (a few days after I’d spray painted it) creating “quadrants”. Where the tape was, the white would remain. I on two coats of paint each.

4_corners_of_the_mirror_painted_Easy_DIY_Painted_Wooden_Framed_Mirror_ambientwares.comIf you get up close and personal with it you can see two things. #1, just how pale that blue is. #2, the underside of the frame at the edge is dark. If I’d removed the backing and painted it white, you wouldn’t see the darkness.

That’s all folks!

As I mentioned earlier, we’ve got a lot of mirrors in the house so I moved it around to a few places to find where it fits best. I still haven’t decided!

Easy_DIY_Painted_Wooden_Framed_Mirror_ambientwares.comDo you see the mirror, within a mirror, within a mirror?

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Couldn't get any easier than a wooden framed mirror updated with paint!



11 thoughts on “Painted Wooden Framed Mirror

  1. debrashoppeno5 says:

    Everything I seem to do results in a disaster and then a reset. I think it is called creativity. Anyway, you saved the day and the mirror looks great. I also have mirrors all over, I like the look.

    1. I love the look too. It definitely catches light and bounces it off of things that would otherwise be dark. Thanks again, Debra

  2. JaneEllen says:

    For a person who had hard time getting this mirror “right”, you sure succeeded, love how it turned out. Sometimes we have to go thru those trials and tribulations til the right idea comes thru. Believe me, been there done that, too blasted many times.
    I seem to have accumulated my share and then some of mirrors, use them intermittently depending on what look I am after. Have more almost oval mirror with vintage looking frame in cherry I bought in KY at one of our favorite places to shop and while away time. Have been thinking of putting it out on shutter shelf (our version of a mantel) in living room but am so afraid of it getting broken if it should be dropped when trying to hang it. Have few others to choose from so will think on it first, for quite awhile.
    Do have two windowed small doors from an old tv stand we took apart. The top got ruined but when we were looking at it I suggested taking stand apart to use for different purposes. The little windowed doors work perfectly to stand up against wall on shelf. Hubs put them together with hinges to make bigger presentation. Then will hang wreath in middle. He also used parts of tv stand to make little stand for storage in my craft room. Had enuf casters from something somebody gave us years ago that are heavy enuf for stand and still have pieces to make shelves left. Got money’s worth out of that tv stand.
    Had old pressed wood computer desk thrift store didn’t want so it’s going to be shelves also. Hubs thought was crazy when I suggested using parts of both for other things, then couple days later he put stand together for me.
    Kills me to get rid of something can be used for other things, waste not. Was raised by parents of depression era, come by it honestly. Besides that we live on our SS only and where we live is expensive area, (western CO on west side of Rockies).
    Sorry for going on so long. Love how your mirror turned out, will be seeing how I can maybe do something like that with one of mine to give it different look. Put piece of plywood or some boards together behind one of mine and paint it like you did.
    Have wonderful week You are an inspiration.

    1. I love the way you think JaneEllen! Using every last bit of one object to use in multiple others. Your hinged windows sound awesome and a wreath will be the perfect addition. I know exactly what you mean when your hubs looks at you like you’re crazy and the next thing you know it’s done 😀 You can never have too much storage in a craft room! I can definitely appreciate your approach to getting things done with what you have and making them work for you. Thank you so much for sharing and I believe you’re the inspiration here 🙂

  3. LOL Angie, I think it’s called wobble hand syndrome and it can be quite stressful. The only sure cure is beer apparently. It seems to counteract the wobbles for some strange reason 😉 I love the colors you chose for your mirror though, it turned out great.

    1. Whaaa?? I was never informed of this beer cure but, I’m open to it 😉 Thank you, Michelle!

  4. I’ve had my share of DIY disasters so I feel your pain! Once I had a series of disasters that ended with a bird pooping right in the middle of my project.

    In the end your mirror is lovely – I think that yellow is a perfect match to the color of my coffee bar.

    1. Thanks, Vanessa and I remember drooling over your beautiful coffee bar 😉

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