5 Things to Keep in Mind When Building Lamps

I know you can buy a lamp kit at a store ready to go, but what about those details that have already been figured out for you? If you ever decide to truly make your own lamp out of something else, from scratch, it isn’t always as simple as what the kits make it out to be. What are the things you need to take into consideration before building a lamp? I created this basic introduction to some of the parts used when building lamps. Continue reading “5 Things to Keep in Mind When Building Lamps”

Christmas Vintage Plastic Candelabra Makeover

I adore these old dingy vintage plastic candelabra lights. I only have two and they used to belong to Joe’s grandma. I don’t know what it is about them but, I especially love the look from outside when pulling in the driveway.

I love them even though they are pretty much the ugliest things. When I unpacked the Christmas stuff this year, reality sank in as to how urine like they were. Sorry, I couldn’t get it out my head either. Continue reading “Christmas Vintage Plastic Candelabra Makeover”

Re-purposed Ashtray Base (Or Lamp) Into a Lamp

Do you know what’s really nice about those old stand up ashtray bases? They seem to be the perfect specimens for re-purposing into quirky, beautiful, and unique table lamps. I’ve seen old ones of all shapes, sizes, and materials, especially at auctions and I wonder if people have similar ideas because they always tend to sell for much higher than I would ever pay for one. Either that or they smoke. Continue reading “Re-purposed Ashtray Base (Or Lamp) Into a Lamp”

Refurbished Industrial Styled Mid-Century Fan Turned Lamp

I’ve recently acquired a true appreciation for the look and feel of vintage, mid-century items, especially those made of metal and the one thing which encompasses these characteristics are the old table top fans from around the 50’s and prior. It’s one of those things where you realize you like something and then you start seeing it practically everywhere. Continue reading “Refurbished Industrial Styled Mid-Century Fan Turned Lamp”