Create a Winter Wonderland Using A Basket

This is one of those projects where there’s definitely no right or wrong way to do it. You just keep adding or taking out what you like and what you don’t. You could go a minimalistic route or clutter the heck out of it. Baskets vary in size and shape so what I did won’t necessarily work for you but, it’s the idea that hopefully will. Continue reading “Create a Winter Wonderland Using A Basket”

Christmas Scroll Using A Vintage Wooden Spool

This is such a simple how-to on making a cute little chalkboard that looks like a scroll using an old wooden spool.

As usual, I found the old spool at a thrift store for a whopping 50¢. One of our thrift stores has weekly deals where Wed. thru. Saturday certain colored stickers are marked down to 50¢ and this was one of those. I’m the first to admit, I like a good deal and I have to tell myself just because it’s 2 quarters doesn’t mean I have to get it.

I’ll also admit I’ve gotten soooo many things for 50¢ I should be embarrassed to go back. If I were someone who cared about my DIY pride more than a good deal then maybe I would be but, I am not. Continue reading “Christmas Scroll Using A Vintage Wooden Spool”

Christmas Vintage Plastic Candelabra Makeover

I adore these old dingy vintage plastic candelabra lights. I only have two and they used to belong to Joe’s grandma. I don’t know what it is about them but, I especially love the look from outside when pulling in the driveway.

I love them even though they are pretty much the ugliest things. When I unpacked the Christmas stuff this year, reality sank in as to how urine like they were. Sorry, I couldn’t get it out my head either. Continue reading “Christmas Vintage Plastic Candelabra Makeover”

Nutcracker Dish Christmas Makeover

I think I take on most projects out of shear curiosity. While sometimes I think I might have a winner on my hands, other times I know I most certainly do not. I’m too curious though which draws me to things like this old nutcracker dish.

It was a lot of work to make basically the same thing without little holes for the nutcracker utensils.

I say this and you may think why is she telling me that she basically didn’t create anything new? The point is, sometimes I just need to DO and not think of the outcome. I just did this with no real expectations which is often hard for me. Are you like this? In the end, this isn’t perfect but, I did it. Continue reading “Nutcracker Dish Christmas Makeover”