Refurbished Bistro Chairs

A couple of years ago I picked up 2 pretty dull bistro chairs. Only one had the original padded cushions which weren’t even attached and were torn. A little ways into sanding them down I realized it would take forever and if they weren’t rusty with peeling paint, I wouldn’t have worried too much about it but, I wanted these bistro chairs to shine.
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Refurbished Cane Back Barrel Chair ~ Part 3 of 3

Finally! The 3rd and final part of the refurbished cane back chair saga. In case you missed them, here’s Part 1 and Part 2.

Actually, before I laid one finger on this chair, I Google-d cane back barrel chair in a slew of different worded ways to see if I could find one like mine with broken cane. While there were a ton of cane back chair refurbishing posts, I couldn’t find one exactly like mine and most were in good shape and were just updated with paint and/or a new cushion. So, if you’re looking on how to make a cane back barrel chair look new, I hope I can help.
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Refurbished Cane Back Chair ~ Part 2 of 3

In case you missed Part 1, I talked about stripping down an old cane back barrel chair I found in someone’s trash. This round I’ll talk about creating the seat cushion.

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Refurbished Cane Back Barrel Chair ~ Part 1 of 3

Finding something of use in someone else’s trash is exciting. It can also be a little intimidating. There have been plenty of times when I’ve driven by something which could be amazing and I don’t stop for whatever reason.

Ahhh but, this is what us DIYers love, isn’t it? We want any and all junk. We see potential even if we aren’t sure how we’re getting there.

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