Vintage Styled Spring Basket Vignette

I’m not really a collector of anything other than projects I never seem to get around to completing. I’m sure you understand. However, if I was a collector, it would most likely be of miniature cuteness of all kinds. No discrimination here. If it’s small, I’ll most likely love it. Just not enough to keep it. While I can’t say I collect birds, I have a whopping 6 bird figurines hanging out in my “chandelier” so to me, I have a collection.

My two favorites are a couple of metal vintage birds that are actually Christmas ornaments. They’re just perfect for my Spring basket!

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Materials I used

I painted the basket in a light blue color same as on the wagon and lamp base, giving it a few coats. With the basket’s weave, I didn’t worry about getting into all the nooks and crannies.

I have a bunch of various sized wooden craft sticks. The sticks, that look like popsicle sticks, are definitely not as thick and are pretty flimsy but, work perfectly to make a little white picket fence. They can also be snipped with scissors so long as you cut them slowly and firmly. The longer ones are sturdy and square shaped, not round.

I cut the two longer sticks/dowels down to size using a saw blade and it is SHARP. I also cut it on top of some scrap wood so I didn’t ruin the table. We’ve talked about our favorite small DIY tools before and this is definitely one of them.

Crafty_Spring_Wreath_From_A_Basket_Put_A_Bird_On_It_ambientwares.comThen I just laid the smaller sticks across the longer sticks to eyeball where I should cut them. I just used scissors for these. I did sand the sticks a bit if there were any splinters.

I removed all the craft sticks and painted them white.

Crafty_Spring_Wreath_From_A_Basket_Put_A_Bird_On_It_ambientwares.comOnce dry, I began gluing.

I’ve had this faux twig in my stash and it’s about a foot tall so I cut it down to size to create a tree from the top of the basket to the bottom. I also had some faux dollar store violets I glued to the tree. Of course, real branches could be used.

For stability I also glued a smaller piece perpendicular to the tree. It’s the perfect perch for one of the birdies.

Then I simply clamped the birds in, stood back and smiled. I debated on adding more but, I like the minimalistic approach. What would you add to it?

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Such an easy way to bring a little Spring into your home with a basket and a few other craft supplies.


8 thoughts on “Vintage Styled Spring Basket Vignette

  1. JaneEllen says:

    Also love your chandy bird ornies and on basket.

  2. JaneEllen says:

    Would maybe add some green grass on floor of basket with small bee and 2 or 3 little butterflies. Minimalist am not, lol. And a pretty ribbon bow. Love and admire your version also, very simple and pretty.
    Happy Easter

    1. Hi, JaneEllen! I did think about adding grass at the bottom and I love how I can add any number of things if my tastes change 😉 You should totally make one and let me know when you do! I’d enjoy seeing your take on it. Happy Easter to you as well

  3. Your vintage bird ornaments are to die for, and now you can display them year round!

    1. I know! If I ever come across any more of those metal birds, I WILL scoop them up 😉

  4. Awww no ways Angie, that’s so adorable. Ag mammie (sorry that’s the Afrikaans coming out in me), but I love what you did here. Now about that birdie collection on the chandelier…… How on earth did you come up with that idea? I think it’s pretty cool BTW, the perfect spot for birds

    1. Thank you, Michelle! Honestly, I just put the birds up there one day since I didn’t really have another place. Especially the birds with clamps. It is a fitting place though 😀

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