Repurposed Step Stool to Plant Stand

I’ve had this little wooden step stool for a long time. It’s been sitting in my garage next to 3 chairs I need to tackle too. There’s nothing special about it other than it has a little storage compartment up at the top. Well, ya see, I don’t have any children and this step stool won’t get me any closer to reaching that thing in the upper cabinet of the kitchen. So, what to do? Continue reading “Repurposed Step Stool to Plant Stand”

DIY Silver Plated Tray & Sconce Votive Centerpiece

I’m not a fancy person with expensive taste in clothing, lifestyle, or home decor. It just doesn’t fit with our laid back way of living. The biggest thing is I’m not willing to spend lots of money on things just to achieve a look no matter what style it is.  It doesn’t mean I don’t like fancy decor styles. It just isn’t something I lean towards when decorating. Oh, and I have no eye for decorating my home at all! Continue reading “DIY Silver Plated Tray & Sconce Votive Centerpiece”

String Art Heartbeat on Wooden Hearts

I wasn’t originally going to stain or use string art for these thrift store wooden heart shaped pieces. Instead, I was going to paint them bright colors, writing phrases you find on little candy hearts. I love you. Be mine. I mean it’ll be Valentine’s Day soon so that would have been perfect, right?

At some point, I had the urge to be an adult which is a rarity. I wanted warmth. I wanted to show love. To show what I feel when I think of my husband. Sure, we’re not perfect but, I definitely wouldn’t be imperfect with anyone else. Not that there is a single thing wrong with bright colored wooden hearts. I mean, I was gonna go that route but, I just wasn’t feeling it. Continue reading “String Art Heartbeat on Wooden Hearts”

Updated Mid Century Modern Record Holder

Question: What happens when you update something potentially worth anywhere from $15 to $1000?

Answer: I don’t know yet.

I usually look up items on-line before I get to refurbishing something; just in case I actually come across an extremely valuable piece. Thanks a lot Antiques Roadshow.

This time, I picked up a beautiful old Mid Century Modern Record Holder (or is it a magazine rack?) and painted it the very next day. I then got the bright idea of looking it up mainly because I wanted to make sure I priced it right before I sold it. Continue reading “Updated Mid Century Modern Record Holder”