Vintage Styled Spring Basket Vignette

I’m not really a collector of anything other than projects I never seem to get around to completing. I’m sure you understand. However, if I was a collector, it would most likely be of miniature cuteness of all kinds. No discrimination here. If it’s small, I’ll most likely love it. Just not enough to keep it. While I can’t say I collect birds, I have a whopping 6 bird figurines hanging out in my “chandelier” so to me, I have a collection. Continue reading “Vintage Styled Spring Basket Vignette”

DIY Basket From A Foot Stool

This project is the easiest project ever! Such an easy project, you don’t need a tutorial. However, there are little bits of info outside of a how-to I hope you find helpful. What I love about this besides being simple is it achieves an entirely different look and function. All I did was take this old foot stool made by my grandpa, flipped it upside down and wrapped it with some rope. Now it functions as a sturdy basket to hold any variety of little home decor items, papers, books, etc. Continue reading “DIY Basket From A Foot Stool”

5 Inexpensive Small DIY “Tools” We Use

There are certain smaller tools I find absolutely necessary to have at the ready when I’m working on projects whether for fun or because I can’t stand the broken “whatever it is” any longer.

They aren’t at all expensive compared to big tools and granted they can’t do what those big expensive tools can do either but, sometimes a good DIY doesn’t need those large bad boys. Most of these can also be used in more ways than you would expect. Continue reading “5 Inexpensive Small DIY “Tools” We Use”

What do you want to see in 2017?

I know there are a lot of surveys going around right now and I’m not sure how you feel about them. I do know however, that I want to know more about what it is that you’re looking for in a DIY blog.

Are there things you search for on-line yet, nothing comes up? Are you bombarded with too much (fill in the blank). Definitely let me know. While I can’t guarantee I know how to solve your problem, I’d love to be given the chance to try. Thank you for everything! Continue reading “What do you want to see in 2017?”